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Brynne Zaniboni is an editorial, fashion, beauty and glamour portrait photographer from Los Angeles, California.  

I guess you could say her passion for photography began when she was given her first camera at the age of 9. Do you remember those film cameras that would overlay a little image in the corner? Well she had one that would add a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and she thought that was pretty cool, so she'd annoy her mom by making her develop hundreds of  rolls of clouds or poorly-timed candid pictures.

Since those halcyon days, she's done a few short stints in photography school, changed careers a handful of times and ended up here in 2015. It was then that she decided to finally turn her love into her work and has since been running Brynne Zaniboni Photography and Backroom Boudoir Photography. She captures raw, irreverent, but ultimately playful moments in each of her subjects.

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Los Angeles, California

(323) 380-0933


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