Visual branding and digital marketing is imperative for anyone these days–especially artists. In addition to photography, Brynne draws upon her years of experience in the content creation/marketing world to advance the brands of her fellow creators. Using photography, video production, graphic design, digital and traditional marketing methods and data analysis she crafts resonant brands, defines target markets and reaches them in meaningful and effective ways across all channels.


Ian Grey

Through defining a credible brand and creating engaging content, Brynne took this teenage recording artist with 900 followers to over 100,000 organic fans and followers across channels, over 300,000 streams on Spotify, and will now be starring on Lifetime's new music competition show The Pop Game. 


michael scott slosar photography

Michael Scott Slosar is a preeminent portrait and commercial photographer. Shooting around the globe, Brynne utilizes traditional and digital marketing methods to keep his content fresh, and keep eyes constantly making their way to his portfolio for new business development.                                                    



A new voice to the scene, STEEGS is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter with dark and emotional grooves. Brynne is guiding this ingenue toward a powerful social presence with new fans in time for her upcoming single release.